Tips on Vehicle Maintenance for Long Distance Journeys

To get the most out of a long-distance journey and ensure safety to all motorists and passengers, certain maintenance tasks and checks need to be done before leaving on the trip. This article highlights the most important tasks before taking on a long-distance trip.

Steering and Suspension Adjustment

On a long journey, a bumpy ride can be extremely uncomfortable for the whole family. Before leaving on a trip, it’s suggested to take a motor vehicle to a professional shop to investigate and see whether steering and suspension parts are still in a good condition.

Broken mounts or bushings, loose steering parts and shocks can cause a car to sway or provide a bumpy ride.

General Maintenance

Making sure that a vehicle’s battery, filters, and spark plugs are still in a roadworthy condition can save a motorist from many complications. Checking fluid levels for oil and coolant is another general maintenance task required before going on a long-distance trip.

With basic vehicle maintenance knowledge, this can be done by anyone. If the motorist does not have any knowledge of vehicle maintenance, a professional technician should do the inspection.

Alignment and Tires

Getting tyre or wheel problems are a common challenge a lot of motorists face on a long journey. Tyre pressure should be checked regularly while driving a long distance to ensure no blowouts or wear occur. Wheel alignment needs to be done before leaving on a trip. Bad alignment could also increase fuel consumption and tyre wear.

If a tyre is worn out, it should be replaced before a long trip, this includes the spare tyre. Tyre bursts can cause a lot of frustration when on a trip.

Exhaust System

Maintaining an exhaust system is vital for a reliable and smooth ride. A faulty exhaust system can cause poor fuel efficiency, less power, and gas smells inside the vehicle. Inspection should be done on the muffler, exhaust manifold, tailpipe, and catalytic converter to ensure the exhaust system is ready for a long-distance trip.

Engine noises could cause an alarm for a faulty exhaust system but taking the vehicle to a technician can ensure a reliable drive.

Taking care of these simple maintenance tasks can save a lot of frustrations and breakdowns on a trip. It’s recommended to take a vehicle to a professional technician to ensure a safe drive.