The Main Road Safety Rules in the UK

Following the main road rules can ensure safety on the road to motorists and passengers. This article provides only a shortlist of the most important road rules in the UK. To learn more about all the major road rules, visit the UK government road safety websites.

Speed Limit

Speed limit laws in the UK are strict and should be followed in accordance. Road signs can be followed for motorists to know they are not driving over the legal speed limit.

The speed limit in rural areas is 60mph. Roads through rural areas pose the most fatalities on UK roads. Staying below the speed limit can increase safety on these roads.

The speed limit on UK motorways is 70mph and should be followed strictly. As motorways are busy with many individuals needing to get to work and back home, some motorists might take chances and increase their speed. This is irresponsible behaviour according to road safety rules.

Legal speed limits in urban areas are 30mph and need to be followed in accordance with the road safety rules of the UK.

Seatbelts and Child seats

According to the UK road safety rules, any child younger than 12 years of age must use appropriate child seats to ensure safety. The responsibility lies with the parent or guardian of the child.

Seatbelts are compulsory to be worn on any road in the UK and should be taken seriously due to some roads having high accident rates.

Country Driving Rules

Unique country driving rules should be followed throughout the UK. Some of the Unique country driving laws include not using mobile phones while driving, using the right lane to overtake on motorways, and zebra crossings providing pedestrians with the right of way.