Advice on Road Safety

Keeping the family safe while on the road can sometimes be a tricky situation for parents. While driving, a motorist’s attention should be on the road making it difficult to watch the passengers in a moving car. Some safety precautions can be taught to younger family members, while others should be done by the parent or guardian driving the vehicle.

Seatbelts and Child Seats

Wearing a seatbelt is seen as one of the essential road safety rules to follow. As some passengers may get more active in a vehicle, a car seat or seatbelt can help them stay seated and calm. According to UK road safety rules, any passenger under the age of 12 should be seated in a car seat.

Child Lock

Child locks can save lives. When a child lock feature is used, a motorist can easily prevent a younger passenger from opening a car door while driving. Car doors can easily be opened by younger family members accidentally or by mistake. Child locks can reduce the chance of a door opening while driving.

Always Leave the Car by the Curb Side

This stands as a basic road safety rule, whether taking the bus or driving with a guardian or parent. Especially when dropping younger family members at school where there are many cars driving past, they should get out on the curbside to avoid oncoming traffic.

Never Stick Hands Outside of the Vehicle

Making sure a younger passenger is seated is easy, but they can still open windows and try to put their arms or feet outside the vehicle. They must be reminded with every trip that they should keep their hands and feet inside the car at all times.

These basic rules and guidelines can keep young passengers safe on the roads and prevent unnecessary harm or active situations inside the moving vehicle.